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My name  is Judith Brouwer

What I do
I am a science journalist.
Considering my earlier scientific career, I often write about epigenetics, genetics, neuroscience and neurobiology, although I certainly do not limit myself to those topics. If you click around my website, you will see a broad range of subjects.

In addition to science journalism, I write for brochures or websites, or I can help you to make your text better readable.
As a scientist I have written several project proposals and fellowship applications (that were granted!) and of course multiple scientific articles, so I can also help you write those.

Please contact me if you think that I can contribute to anything you do.

What I did
‘Give me a reason to write and I’ll write’

I’ve always loved writing. In fact, I already ‘wrote’ before I learnt how it should be done. I remember making write-like movements, totally convinced this was valuable exercise for future writing.
We’ll never know whether it is due to all this practicing, fact is that I truly enjoy writing, for instance about science.

I also remember that, in answer to a question of the mother of a friend about what I’d like to become when I grew up, I said ‘inventor’. I never forgot how embarrassed I was as soon as the word left my mouth.
Now, after having finished a PhD project in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and four years of research as a postdoctoral fellow in Paris, France, I must conclude that ‘inventor’ was not such a stupid remark after all.

I studied the mechanisms underlying genetic diseases caused by expanded ‘trinucleotide repeats’ in DNA (I should tell you about it in another article, it’s a very fascinating field). In Paris, I gradually moved to exploring epigenetic aspects of these disease mechanisms.
Parallel to my scientific work in the laboratory, I spent many an evening on writing articles for BitesizeBio.com and SciencePalooza.nl.

Immediately after returning in The Netherlands, I took a course on Science Journalism. This sparked my enthusiasm about writing about science so much that I decided to entirely focus on that.
That’s the present.

Any questions?
You can get in touch with me via contact [at] judithbrouwerschrijft [dot] nl

Some sites and magazines I have written for:

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Official matters

__ I love photography. So the photos you see on this website have been made by me, unless otherwise specified. In case you are interested in my photographic activities, feel free to let me know.


__ For my journalistic activities, I work according to the Terms and Conditions of the Freelancer’s Section of the Dutch Society of Journalists (NVJ).
      Chamber of commerce: 58952373


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